Frequently Unanswered Questions (pronounced “Fooq”)

Here are a series of questions frequently directed towards the large corporations concerning usage-based billing, which they never seem to answer in a satisfactory manner no matter what the circumstances. Email us your suggestions.

  • “Since I now have to pay more if I consume more bandwidth than I’m allowed to consume each month, do I get a rebate if I consume less?”

  • “If Usage-based billing was designed to prevent traffic congestion, why am I being charged UBB during the early morning hours of the day when everyone is in bed and off the Internet?”

  • “Why is UBB being applied to individual customers of independent Internet service providers? If it’s the independent ISPs that are causing the congestion problems, shouldn’t you be going after the ISPs themselves instead of their individual customers?” (This question was answered by Bell on March 28, 2011)

  • “Why does it cost less than a dollar per GB when data is included in my plan, but well over a dollar when I exceed it? Isn’t it the same data?” (Contributed by Michelle P.)

  • “If UBB is about saving money for the people who cause the least congestion, why do the slowest tiers have the highest charges per GB for over-consumption?” (Contributed by anonymous)