Hits and Upcoming Improvements

Four days after releasing the video “The UBB Deception” on YouTube, it has now surpassed 4,000 views. The message is getting out!

We’ve added a new section: The FUQ, or “Frequently Unanswered Questions” (pronounced “Fooq”). This section will contain a list of questions concerning Usage-Based Billing that the large corporations never seem to be able to answer.

We’re also working on providing a captioned version of the video, and plan to translate the video into French. But while the English captioned version shouldn’t take too long to complete, the French version will take more time since not only must the dialogue be translated, but so must all of the English text on the screen.

Once all this is completed (or at least very close), we will begin work on the next video in the series, a short two minute explanation on how independent Internet service providers can provide service to your home over the large corporations’ infrastructure.

Stay tuned!

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